Micro Space Planning

Micro Space Planning

Virtual Shelf

Proteus Virtual Shelf from Fifth Dimension has been designed as a slim effective linear shelf planning solution. It's intuitive interface enables quick planogram creation, while it’s reporting and charting facilities offer all the analytical capabilities a merchandiser could want. All standard highlighting capabilities are present, but the output options are unique amongst space planning tools.

Maximising shelf space is the key to gaining peak performance at the point of sale. Understanding which lines are contributing most to your profitability, determining which lines are taking up space and not delivering, and highlighting areas for growth are fundamental to effective Planogramming. However, too often, aspiring category captains are let down by bloated software and poor quality output which blunts their decision making capabilities and fails to maximise the sell-in impact of their planograms.

The high quality renderer allows you to create pin sharp prints of your planograms, up to poster and life-size, including POS and real store backdrops, so you can see your planogram EXACTLY how it will look instore. No other software gives you this capability.

Proteus Virtual Shelf is fully compatible with ProSpace, InterCept, Spaceman, and MarketMax file formats, making it the ideal software for manufacturers. Proteus Virtual Shelf gives you the ability to converse and share information with the widest array of retailers offered by any Planogramming system.

Software features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • High quality output rendering
  • User Friendly Charting and Reporting
  • Read planograms from Intercept, ProSpace, Spaceman, and MarketMax
  • Planogram Comparison
  • Financial reports allow ROII analysis

 Software Benefits:

  • Offer better service to your clients with high quality output.
  • Save time on chart creation and reporting
  • Maximise the use of space on your fixtures.
  • Increase POS compliance levels.
  • Ensure promotional ends are correctly dressed.

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